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Friends of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic aims to make a difference in our community through healthcare, education, and supporting local non profit organizations.

Our Mission

Friends of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic helps Moore County organizations support community members and businesses by supporting local charities, charity care patients, and education.

Who We Are

Established by Pinehurst Surgical Clinic in 2020, Friends of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic is a local nonprofit organization that proudly serves Moore County and other surrounding areas. Staffed by volunteers, 100% of our donations and proceeds go to the charities we support.

What We Do


Collaborate with Pinehurst Surgical Clinic to identify and offer support for charity care patients.

Local Charities

Partner with local charities and organization to improve the lives of people in our community.


Partner with Sandhills Community College to aid in scholarship funds for current and future students.